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Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Steps to Export an Image of your track layout in Eagle Cad

  • After completing your track layout save your work
  • Click File => Export => Image
  • Select the loaction to save your file => Click Monochrome => change "Resolution" to 2000 dpi or more( the higher the better) => leave "Area" as Full
  • Quick Reference to what is should look like
  • Congradulations you have succesfully exported your pcb track layout!
  • You can now email your pcb track layout
  • Example image of what you emailing
  • All PCB's Take 3 Working Days to Produce
  • So you have a

    So you not really sure what you want us to design for you. Well Our market is broad ranging from

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    • Individuals

    We look forward to working with you

    Some Categories

    To kick start your brain

    • HouseHold Application
    • Renewable Energy
    • Gadgets

    Do not let your mind be contained by the categories you see above
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