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What we do

A custom circuit design and manufacturing company
we deal with the design of custom circuits. Our goal is to design circuits that solve problems/serve a purpose, aid in improving your life or simply just improving it.

Custom Circuit Design

In this department is where we design circuits that have a specific function, even the circuit its self is unique like a signature.

Printed Circuit Boards

In this department we manufacture the boards based on the designs you give up. Currently we focus on single sided boards
Sometimes you can arrange with us to design the PCB for you. Given that you provide us with your circuit schematic. If you want something simple we also do vero-boards.

So you have a

So you not really sure what you want us to design for you. Well Our market is broad ranging from

  • Framers
  • Campers
  • Business
  • Students
  • Individuals

We look forward to working with you

Some Categories

To kick start your brain

  • HouseHold Application
  • Renewable Energy
  • Gadgets

Do not let your mind be contained by the categories you see above
If you have an idea and not sure where it falls under, Drop us an Email or Give us a ring